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Captain Squeegee

Erasing the line between genius and insanity

Mesa Legend

Published: Monday, September 17, 2012

Updated: Monday, September 17, 2012 17:09

Captain Squeegee

Ben Garcia / Mesa Legend

Danny Torgesen playing to the crowd at The Marquee Theater Sept. 6 when they opened for Reel Big Fish.

There is reggae royalty among us at Mesa Community college, and  his name is Danny Torgersen

He has been in music his entire life but for the last 10 years he has been the lead singer and trumpeter for Captain Squeegee.

They used to be called Captain Squeegee and the Soapsuds, but that was when they were first starting out as a ska band trying to find their way in the desert reggae scene. 

“Along time ago when the band first came into existence it was pretty much just ska,” said Torgerson, music major at MCC

But their music evolved into something that can be described as a melting pot of music, mixing their early ska sounds with more experimental elements, a kind of subatomic jazz rock.

The music also encompasses some of Torgesens personal interests such as aliens and the paranormal, they even put that into their shows having played a UFO convention

Captain Squeegee has also released several albums both independently and in studio including, Nothing vs. Everything, Behind the Metal and Metric Space, and Valley Metro Notes. 

They have also recently released two new songs that can be downloaded from their website The download includes a taste of their not yet released album. 

Torgesen is a busy guy having to get through school, band practice every day as well as getting the word out about Captain Squeegee. 

They also have an extensive show schedule having just recently opened for legendary Ska act Reel Big Fish (RBF). 

Like RBF and many other bands that have been rocking for more than a decade, Captain Squeegee is still breaking in two new members. 

But one thing all members of the band have in common are deep roots in Mesa either graduating from Dobson High School, or Rhodes Jr. High, they pretty much keep it in the bird family. 

Beside just the music Captain Squeegee as a band is also responsible for a web saga called Lucidity which creatively blends Squeegee’s music with the band acting as the characters.

The web show like squeegee’s music focus’s a lot on lucid dreaming, and creates a dream like atmosphere for the show that has viewers seeing everything from extreme jumping to dead skeletons. 

Captain Squeegee sans the soap suds will be playing in downtown Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom on Sept. 27. 

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